Athena has been a leader since 1985 in the development and distribution of biotechnological products, with a particular specialisation in Human Tissue Engineering.The Company’s history traces the technical and scientific evolution of the specific sector, which over the years has developed new laboratory technologies and clinical/surgical methodologies to achieve full functional recovery of patients suffering from chronic, degenerative and traumatic diseases. Therapeutic responses to these needs have developed over time through increasingly advanced regeneration techniques for replacing damaged tissues.In this context, the Athena company represents an absolute point of reference for operators in the sector, for the relevance and innovation of the production and therapeutic solutions adopted, and even more for the constant work of information and technical-scientific assistance at Research Institutes, laboratories and operating theatres.

Athena is present throughout the country through a highly qualified distribution network and a Staff working in close contact with the company’s Scientific Management, which collaborates with prestigious Italian and foreign Research Institutes

Certified company

Certificazione ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 13485-2016

Certified company

Certification ISO 9001

Certification ISO 134

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