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Results of a prospective observational study of autologous peripheral blood mononuclear cell therapy for no‑option critical limb‑threatening ischemia and severe diabetic foot ulcers

Andrea Panunzi, Fabiana Madotto, Elena Sangalli, Federica Riccio, Adriana Barbara Sganzaroli, Paolo Galenda, Amelia Bertulessi, Maria Francesca Barmina, Ornella Ludovico, Orazio Fortunato, Francesco Setacci, Flavio Airoldi, Davide Tavano, Laura Giurato, Marco Meloni, Luigi Uccioli, Antonino Bruno, Gaia Spinetti and Carlo Maria Ferdinando Caravaggi
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Results of a prospective observational
study of autologous peripheral blood mononuclear cell therapy for no-option critical limb-threatening ischemia and severe diabetic foot ulcers

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Innovative cell therapy in the treatment of the diabetic foot. Dr Alessia Scatena – San Donato Hospital in Arezzo

3 September, 2021
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Cellular therapy with encouraging results at the San Donato Hospital in Arezzo for patients with diabetic foot and critical ischaemia.

2 October, 2021.
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At the Vascular Surgery Department of the San Jacopo Hospital in Pistoia, a successful minimally invasive treatment with blood filtered by a Monocells kit.

31 March, 2022.
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Interview with Dr Mario Bellisi, specialist in vascular surgery: Lymphoedema of the lower limbs at the Policlinico Giaccone of Palermo

Insanitas.it 2 September, 2019
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New weapons against Obliterative Arteriopathy: filtered cells extracted from the patient reinoculated that regenerate blood vessels. Professor Gaspare Gulotta, Director of the Department of General Surgery at the Policlinico Paolo Giaccone in Palermo

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Chronic obstructive arteriopathy: in addition to the endovascular method, the use of autologous mononuclear cells is gaining ground in the field of angiogenic treatments.

3 April, 2019
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At the IRCCS Neuromed in Pozzilli the Congress ‘The evolution of vascular surgery between present and future’ discussed the new frontier of regenerative medicine for diabetic foot ulcers

26 March, 2019
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