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Sexton Biotechnologies is a  biotechnology company focused on the development and sales of bioproduction tools for cell and gene therapy, located in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA).

Sexton develops purpose-built CGT tools and media to enable flexible automation and scaling of cell manufacturing processes to increase the probability of positive clinical outcomes and reduce time-to-market, failure points, and labor costs. Sexton’s portfolio includes the CellSeal platform of cryo-storage tools and fill/finish systems and human platelet lysate growth supplements

HemaTrate® Blood Filtration system

The HemaTrate® Blood Filtration System is a medical device designed for use in the clinical or intra-operative point-of-care laboratory, for the rapid preparation of 20 to 120 mL of anticoagulated blood Total Nucleated Cell Concentrate (TNC) for use in human cell therapy applications.

The HemaTrate® Blood Filtration System device is contained in the HemaTrate® Procedure Pack produced by Betatex Spa to Athena specifications. The HemaTrate® Procedure Pack is an assembled, sterile kit that contains all the necessary accessories for use to improve the reproducibility of the method considering the biological variability of the patient.


NEVELIA® Bi-Layer Matrix is a matrix that serves as a support (scaffold) for the infiltration of patient cells and thus contributes to the natural process of tissue regeneration. The medical grade silicone layer consists of a silicone elastomer reinforced with a polyester material, which acts as a ‘pseudo-epidermis’, protecting the wound from bacterial infection and other damage

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