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We are pleased to announce that Paxton Provitera has joined our staff

We are pleased to announce that Paxton Provitera, a US biomedical engineer and PhD in Physiology and Biophysics, has joined the staff of Athena Cell Therapy Technologies. R&D Project Manager at Pall Medical for 15 years, Paxton designed the selective filter for the concentration of peripheral blood mononuclear cells that Athena has introduced in recent years as an autologous cell therapy, primarily aimed at treating critical ischemia of the lower limbs and diabetic foot. Paxton will lead Athena’s R&D team to develop next-generation filtration and cell separation systems and cutting-edge methods to tackle increasingly complex and ambitious biomedical challenges. A warm welcome, then, to Paxton Provitera to the Athena team! Working together will enable us to make new solutions available to more and more doctors and researchers and improve our contribution to advancing science and medicine.

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