Sexton Biotechnologies

Sexton Biotechnologies exists to be a service to those creating cell and gene therapies that will save and improve the lives of patients. The products, which include the Signata platform, CellSeal cryogenic vials, and industry-leading human platelet lysates, all perform to improve the cell and gene manufacturing process and enhance the probability of successful therapies

Cell Performance
Sexton strive to improve Cell Performance by making Human Platelet Lysate that sets the standard for quality, consistency, and safety in the industry.  hPL products include nLiven, T-Liven and Stemulate. Thery provide flexible solutions for your specific needs.

GMP-ready pathogen reduced human platelet lysate
As global regulatory expectations evolve, Sexton Biotechnologies is there to meet the challenge. With a validated pathogen reduction technology, nLiven PR established the gold standard for performance and quality of irradiated pooled human platelet lysate.

GMP-ready human platelet lysate for closed system bioprocessing
Building on the success of nLiven PR, T Liven PR combines closed system compatible packaging with release against a T-Cell growth release assay. T-Liven PR consistently produces cells with improved naïve and central memory phenotype.

Stemulate® Xeno- and heparin-free pooled platelet lysate
Used globally in clinical stem cell and immuno-oncology applications as a high performance FBS replacement. Culture media supplement must provide rapid cell expansion of high efficacy cells while meeting quality and regulatory expectations. Stemulate meets those requirements for applications that do not require additional pathogen reduction technology. Available in clinical or research grade formulations.

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